Agents who are currently in partnership with New College Nottingham and have signed an Agency Contract can access information by contacting the office by telephone +44 (0)115 8380572 or email [email protected].

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If you are an agent or educational consultant wishing to promote New College Nottingham and Nottingham English School to potential students then please complete and submit our Agent Representative Details Form below via email to [email protected]

To support your application we will also need the following information:

  • Fact sheet/brochure/website giving details of your business
  • List of other UK institutions that you are representing and 2 references
  • How many students do you send to the UK each year

After your application has been assessed we will contact you to let you know if you have been successful or not. If you have been successful we will send you a contract for signing.


Commission becomes payable to an agent after a student has enrolled upon their chosen course and paid their course fees in full.

New College Nottingham currently has a two-tier level of commission based on the number of students recruited by an agent within each academic year.

Please note:

  • Full details on commission rates and associated terms and conditions are available in the Educational Development Agency Agreement. Alternatively, for further information please contact the office by email or telephone.
  • New College Nottingham may enter into special agreements with an agent where commission rates may vary.

Please contact [email protected] if you need more information before applying. Alternatively, you can call +44 (0) 115 838 0572/0596.

Submitting Student Applications

All approved agents will be given a login and password for - this is a new system we have launched enabling agents to apply, upload documents and receive offer letters for their clients via their own individual login. This also makes tracking of applications for each agent much easier.

Here are some important policies and information to be aware of, as an agent or representative for New College Nottingham and Nottingham English School:

Parents/guardians of students: view our Safeguarding policy

Terms and conditions: view our payment terms and conditions

Pre-arrival information: view our Pre-Arrival and Student Handbook information (a copy of this is also provided with your offer letter).

New College Nottingham is a Home Office Tier 4 Sponsor. Our English courses, studied within the Nottingham English School department, are British Council accredited.

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